City excursion in a game format with detective story. Players are following the route from one point to another, accomplishing tasks, solving riddles, finding hidden places and artifacts.

Play any time
Single or with your friends
Unravel the mystery
Hurry up and do more tasks
Learn the history of the city
We created special simple game platform, which coordinates the whole game process. It gives tasks and hints to players, accepts their answers. All you need for this adventure - to have a cell-phone or tablet with Internet access and to be logged in at our webpage.
You can play on any device
Game APP coming soon!
Jie Wei
My friends and me have played the game in Krakow. We really enjoyed it. It is a great alternative to standard city excursions.
Gabriel Castro
I have played with my wife in Berlin. The only thing we are unhappy about - it took us to much time to solve some tasks, so we were almost out of time. However, everything is doable and in the end we "demined the bomb" though in the last minute. We won!
Victoria Rohan
Personally I would like to have more tasks in the game. In principle, they are not difficult, but really interesting. I appriciate "care about players". We were provided with different historical notes, additional information about the city, route defined on the map - these all are little pleasant things.
Real time game with detective story, where you are the main hero. is a mix of riddles, mysteris and lots of new information. Wins quick-wittedness not the knowledge, team spirit not the speed! Would you like to boost your IQ? You are welcome!
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