per team
*up to 5 persons

Kreuzberg: 12 Keys of Freedom

Three Berlin students get an interesting scrapbook entitled “12 Keys of Freedom”. It is full of newspaper clippings, photos, and notes about one of the most famous Berlin districts – Kreuzberg. It is obvious, that the owner of this collection has invested a lot of time and love into it. The students also find a key in the scrapbook with a short note saying that it can unlock one of the locks of freedom. However it is not really clear where the lock is located. The friends decide to find it. ​
3 h
Game languages:
Українська, English, Русский

How to play?

Unique format of travel, real game, in which you are main character. Fascinating cycling stroll to the most interesting places of the city. Adventure with a solving of riddle.
Come to Berlin
Take a smartphone with internet access and buy a game
Rent a bike
Adventure has started!
You have only 3 h left!

Play with friends

Quest — it is unique amusement for friends. Together with friends, you will not be scared to involve yourself in any adventure and any task. Someone suggest idea and team's partner takes it up, in such way the right answer is arised. Exactly during the game people start to understand each other better.
Every city has its own special street food. The game is prepared in a such way, that you will have an opportunity to grab a snack and to try local specialties.
Have you ever dreamed about finding a treasure? The game will give you an opportunity to find a cache where other players have left something nice for you.

Would you like to take a sip of foamy beer, to taste a juicy sausage while you listen to sounds of pleasant jazz music? Welcome to Berlin - city which possess thousand of faces and wins people's hearts with it’s variety and uniqueness.
Capital of Germany had rather difficult destiny, but now Berlin ready to get tourists acquaint with it’s big amount of museums, squares and parks. But where I need to go first? From what I need to start? QUEST.bike will help you in this uneasy choise. Let’s open new and unknown sides of Berlin together!

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per team
*up to 5 persons