299 UAH
per team
*up to 5 persons

Lvovan Holiday

Lviv is an amazing city. Its streets can turn your head and pull you off into a dance of adventures. Leo, a student from Kyiv, always dreamed of coming here and now he has his chance. Once, when he was walking down the streets, Leo entered a little second-hand bookshop. A recently published book of romantic poetry attracted his attention. Leo took the book and turned its leaves. It looked so untouched outside but was definitely used inside. Some phrases were underlined and there were comments on the margins. The handwriting was very neat. It was definitely a female. And the comments themselves were witty and incisive. On one of the pages Leo finds a note that he interprets as an invitation to a date.
“Who are you, a lover of secret poems?”, - Leo thought, and decided to find the former owner of the book. ​
  • After you have purchased the game, the files become available for downloading (you will find it in application form). We recommend you to save it and to print it out.
  • Please take a look at game territory and start point on the map.
  • All names of streets and codes are in English.
  • We recommend using Google maps for city navigation.
  • We recommend to take measures for your smartphone battery charge economy (e.g. to reduce the brightness of the screen during the game time).
4 h
Game languages:
Українська, English, Русский

How to play?

Unique format of travel, real game, in which you are main character. Fascinating cycling stroll to the most interesting places of the city. Adventure with a solving of riddle.
Come to Lviv
Take a smartphone with internet access and buy a game
Rent a bike
Adventure has started!
You have only 4 h left!

Play with friends

Quest — it is unique amusement for friends. Together with friends, you will not be scared to involve yourself in any adventure and any task. Someone suggest idea and team's partner takes it up, in such way the right answer is arised. Exactly during the game people start to understand each other better.
Every city has its own special street food. The game is prepared in a such way, that you will have an opportunity to grab a snack and to try local specialties.
Photo point
Good memories and photos are the main souvenirs, that you will keep for yourself after each game in a new city. There are tasks in the game that are prepared specially for those you like to make photos.
Have you ever dreamed about finding a treasure? The game will give you an opportunity to find a cache where other players have left something nice for you.

Narrow streets, paving stones under your feet, beautiful buildings… Lviv - it is a city with an interesting history. City’s eclectic cocktail of architecture consists from legacy of different ages and periods: Principality, Polish, Austrian, the Soviets, Ukrainian...Lviv perfectly confirms his unofficial capital status of Galicia and West Ukrain. City possess two more nominations: cultural and coffee capital of Ukraine. Lviv looks like an old, intelligent storyteller and magician. Get acquainted closer with Lviv, play in QUEST.bike with it!

Game map

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299 UAH
per team
*up to 5 persons