Unique travel format!
Real time game, where the main hero is you!
Fascinating bike journey all over interesting places in different cities of the world.
Adventure with puzzles to be solved.


QUEST.bike is a new format to get to know the city and to feel its spirit. The city will become your game board. City objects will tell you their stories, they will help you to solve puzzles and untie complicated mystery knots.


We have chosen bike out of all possible options because it is not only comfortable and environmentally friendly, but also healthy. The length and rhythm of the game is structured in a way that even physically unprepared participants can pass it without any problem.


Your smartphone with our game platform on it is your personal communication gateway where you will receive all level tasks with hints and send your answers.



It is an adventure, a story with detective fable, where you are a main hero. You will have to take a route of secret places, solve the puzzles and find artefacts.


Every city has its special street food. During the game you will have an opportunity to grab something tasty and try local specialties.


Good memories and photos are your main souvenirs that you will take with you after each game in a new city. There are tasks that are written specially for those who like to make photos.


Have you ever dreamed about finding a treasure? In this game you will be able to find a secret place where other participants left a little present for you.


During the game the city will be your "assistant" and your game board. You will use city objects and sightseeings as requisites that will help you to untie a mystery.


Learn more interesting facts about unusual places. Any guide will tell you about Le Tour Effeil or Brandenburger Tor, but only with QUEST.bike you will have a chance to see the places where vegetable battles started in Berlin and find out why there are multi-layer signes in Paris.



QUEST.bike - is a mix of logical puzzles and secrets, as well as a way to get new information. It is not the erudition that wins here, but creative thinking. Do you really want to boost your IQ?
You are welcome!


The spirit of competition is making this game even more interesting! Everybody is starting at the same time but will you be the first one to finish? Think faster than the competitor, plan your route smartly, find more artifacts – and you will be on the top of the ranking!


QUEST.bike is kind of an open club. A simple clerk and a company owner, a student and a professor, a programmer and a sportperson are playing the quest. If you want to make new friends, join us at the start point! Welcome to the club!


Solving a bike quest is unique entertainment for you and your friends. Is your team good enough to get into any adventure and solve any problem? The one is suggesting an idea and another is developing it into the correct answer. Teamwork is a key for the victory and a perfect way to know each other better as well.


Discover the city, get to know something new, get out of usual frames together with QUEST.bike! During the game questers are solving different tasks they didn’t even think about in their daily life. Pass the labyrinth, cock-shot, find a treasure – a lot of participants did this for the first time while playing the QUEST.bike!



We have created a convenient game engine that is coordinating every game. It is sending you tasks and hints, as well as accepting the answers. All you need for the game is your smartphone or tablet with Internet connection.


For each successful game you will get points that you can exchange on different souvenirs and presents from the project and its partners.
Gamers will get to know each other and communicate with each other, share own achievements. They can also plan their own tours together.


World is amazing and fascinating! Every city is interesting by itself. We want to make active tourism popular, so that new places could be discovered in a game format. If you share our views and you want to try yourself as an author of game scenarios, contact us!


Some people think, that a "man on bike" is one step higher in evolution than "homo sapiens".
Bike – is a unique mean of transportation that unites people all over the world and helps you to discover and to learn the world, while improving physically and mentally.