How to play?


Game platform

Весь процесс игры координируется через сайт QUEST.bike Сайт будет выдавать вам задания и подсказки, а также принимать ответы. Каждому игроку необходимо иметь учетную запись на сайте www.quest.bike

Mobile internet and fully charged battery are needed

Script contains texts and pictures (very seldom - media files). Traffic relatively not big. But make sure, that your mobile device is ready for active work throughout several hours of game.
Free trial game!
Complete the game and you will get known with our game platform opportunities QUEST.BIKE, and will check your mobile device on compatibility test!

Team and single game

There are 1-5 people in each team. As a rule, game is available for single player, but we recommend to play in team - it is be more fun. The optimum number of players in each team - 2-3 people , if there are more, we recommend to separate into two teams and do a little competition. You can edit line-up in the menu “my team”.


Quest - it is a story with a plot. Script is devided into tasks (levels, stages). Mostly, it will be neccessary to decode adress in the city, arrive to this place and find the code there.


Codeword (or symbol set) is a result of each level completion (answer on task). Sometimes it can be an inscription, prepared by organizators in advance, but mostly some inscription in a hidden place will be a codeword. In the text of task, it will be pointed to you what answer exactly is.

Sequence of game

All tasks are divided into several chapters. In each chapter you can skip through the several levels and choose by yourself which one to do. Chapters with tasks open gradually. E.g. to make next chapter available, you just need to solve part (for example, 2 from 3) of the current chapter. Thus, not all script tasks are obligatory for passing.

Time is limited

Team has fixed time for game passing. If game players don’t have enough time, they will have a possibility to take extra one. For tasks, which will have done after the statutory playing time, rating points wouldn’t be add.
In case when players have troubles with task solving, they can take a hint. Hints are available after a certain length of time (timer is in the top of screen). Because of hint usage, points will be deducted.
Game pauseв
Players can use time break in their discretion. During the pause, game timer stops and possibility to input codes and look through the tasks blocks. Time of pause is limited and during the game you can take it only once.
Extra time
If command do not have enough time to finish the game, but wishes to pass all plot line by the end, command can take extra time function. Tasks remain for passing, but game points for level completion are not score.

Rating points

After the completion of each level, command will have points. The task for players is to complete as many levels as possible and to score a maximum of points. After the game you can compare result of you command with result of another players.

Side Missions

Not all levels are obligatory for passing and not all of them influence on script's progress. You can find side mission, for completion of wich, points will be added to command, but completion of this tasks does not influence on game process. Such levels in script are marked with special symbols.


Players need to do selfie in some interesting place (near the sights, sculptures).


It will be offered to players to eat in a certain place (as a rule, with a local special cuisine). In order to do not brake game process, command can take a pause.


It is offered to players to find special container which is hidden by our organizators, in this container need to be souvenir which is left by previous company. Key for level with hiding-place - on container. If players want to take souvenir with them, they need to put something instead of previous. In addition, it is necessary to put container back to the hiding-place. It is forbidden to make damage or move container. Unfortunately, organizators cannot guarantee safety of all hiding-place. If you arrived in indicated place, but did not find container in it, please let organizators know about this incident.