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*up to 5 persons

Prague Spring: Snowdrops from KGB

In the beginning of 1968, a lieutenant of the KGB, Yuri Volkov, is among a group of officers transferred to Prague to teach advanced agent operations. The central administration is rather worried by a growing reformist mood in the new Czechoslovak party leader Dubček. The young, but promising specialist Volkov takes to the work like mad. He succeeds in picking up the trail of a dissident organization, which is suspected of undermining the ideological foundations of the Soviet System. The investigation is progressing quite well, and Volkov is already dreaming about concluding such an important affair. Is he going to be lucky, get a new epaulette maybe? An incidental encounter with one of his students, a woman from Paris, at first looks like an accident, but it suddenly causes him to make adjustments in the course of his investigation.
3 h
Game languages:
Українська, English, Русский

How to play?

Unique format of travel, real game, in which you are main character. Fascinating cycling stroll to the most interesting places of the city. Adventure with a solving of riddle.
Come to Prague
Take a smartphone with internet access and buy a game
Rent a bike
Adventure has started!
You have only 3 h left!

Play with friends

Quest — it is unique amusement for friends. Together with friends, you will not be scared to involve yourself in any adventure and any task. Someone suggest idea and team's partner takes it up, in such way the right answer is arised. Exactly during the game people start to understand each other better.
Photo point
Good memories and photos are the main souvenirs, that you will keep for yourself after each game in a new city. There are tasks in the game that are prepared specially for those you like to make photos.
Have you ever dreamed about finding a treasure? The game will give you an opportunity to find a cache where other players have left something nice for you.

Would you like to plunge into a fairy tail? Prague castle, cosy taverns and wide squares will embrace you into mysterious world. Atmosphere of something hidden and mystical will wait you in city’s corners and behind each door you will find incredible stories and legends. After you will see golden panoram of Prague streets with it’s incredible spikes and medieval architecture, you will definitely wish to feel history of marvellous city! And who better than the QUEST.bike can help you with it!

Game map

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per team
*up to 5 persons