199 UAH
per team
*up to 5 persons

The Mysterious Island

Last week the world was shocked by the plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean. Four bodies (three Argentine newspaper journalists and the press photographer) have not been found. The cause of the catastrophe had already been listed as pilot’s mistake, when an authoritative newspaper claimed it got the missing journalist’s notes. If Julio Humero’s notes are trustworthy, they put the accident in a completely different light.

A tour along the southern part of Trukhaniv Island (in Kyiv). The route includes asphalt and ground road. You can go on bike or on foot. We recommend starting from:
- Parkovyi pedestrian bridge (shorter route, recommended for pedestrians),
- Moskovskyi bridge (longer route, recommended for cyclists).
3 h
Game languages:
Українська, English, Русский

How to play?

Unique format of travel, real game, in which you are main character. Fascinating cycling stroll to the most interesting places of the city. Adventure with a solving of riddle.
Come to Kyiv
Take a smartphone with internet access and buy a game
Rent a bike
Adventure has started!
You have only 3 h left!

Play with friends

Quest — it is unique amusement for friends. Together with friends, you will not be scared to involve yourself in any adventure and any task. Someone suggest idea and team's partner takes it up, in such way the right answer is arised. Exactly during the game people start to understand each other better.

Kyiv - city analogue of which you will not find. Because It mixed so many characteristics and
qualities, that any another city can’t repeat it. Incredible architecture of paved streets, atmosphere of something magic and mysterious, and soft Dnipro’s wind urge you to the adventures.
Don’t waste your time on boting excurtions - explore Kyiv with www.quest.bike and you’ll get a whale of time and heap of great memories.

Kyiv. Труханов остров
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199 UAH
per team
*up to 5 persons